Week 1: Jan 11

Introduction & Course Review
Web 2.0, Gov 2.0
Web publishing
Discuss Assignment 1: Setup Website
Reading: Goodspeed (#1), Berg, Optional: Orszag

Week 2: Jan 18

No Class: Martin Luther King’s Birthday
Reading: Raggett

Week 3: Jan 25

Web content management systems
Blogging & microblogging (WordPress, Twitter)
Discuss Assignment 2: Twitter/Blogging
Assignment 1: Setup Website due
Reading: Three recent entries from each of three blogs: Fulton, Crane, Planetizen Interchange

Week 4: Feb 1

Web security and privacy
Photo and video sharing (Flickr, YouTube)
Discuss Assignment 3: You Tube Video
Assignment 2: Twitter/Blogging due
Reading: Thompson, Ezell

Week 5: Feb 8

IT project management
Project collaboration tools & wikis (Basecamp, Wikipedia, PBWorks, Google Docs & Wave)
Discuss Assignment 4: Wiki
Assignment 3: You Tube Video due
Reading: Taylor, Brooks, Optional: DeMarco, Optional Elliott

Week 6: Feb 15

No Class: President’s Day
Reading Assessment #1 due (Through Week 6)
Reading: Chapple

Week 7: Feb 22

Databases (Guest lecture: Chun Wong)
Web Surveys (Google, SurveyMonkey, Wufoo)
Discuss Assignment 5: Web Survey
Assignment 4: Wiki due
Reading: Noah, Optional: Dillman, Optional: Nielson

Week 8: Mar 1

Section 508 Accessibility (Guest lecture: Abhijeet Chavan)
Discuss Final project
Assignment 5: Web Survey due
Reading: Chavan

Week 9: Mar 8

Mashups (Google Maps)
Discuss Assignment 6: Google Maps Mashup
Final project memo and outline due
Reading: Pitkin, Optional: Manzo, Optional: Goodchild

Week 10: Mar 15

Spring Break
Reading: Evans-Cowley (#1)

Week 11: Mar 22

Public participation, Crowdsourcing (MailChimp, UserVoice, TextMarks, Poll Everywhere)
Social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn)
Assignment 6: Google Maps Mashup due
Reading: Goodspeed (#2), Optional: Evans-Cowley (#2)

Week 12: Mar 29

Virtual reality environments (SecondLife)
Reading Assessment #2 due (Through week 11)
Reading: Galef, Optional: Steins (#2), Optional: Hollander

Week 13: Apr 5

Search engine optimization
Web analytics
Content aggregation (RSS, Google Alerts)
(Optional) Draft Course Paper due
Reading: Google

Week 14: Apr 12

Online Meetings (Skype, DimDim, GoToWebinar)
This course will be held virtually.
Final Course Paper due

Week 15: Apr 19

Final Course Presentations

Week 16: Apr 26

No Class: Comprehensive Exam Scheduled